Fit 4 A Cure; Metea Students Raise Money for Charity

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Inspired by a charity called Project CURE, four Metea Valley students came together to create Fit 4 A Cure, an initiative to help raise money while helping the community get moving.

Zara: We were actually looking for opportunities to volunteer, you know, help the community because of COVID-19 and how it affected a lot of people. And we came across Project CURE and we really like what they do. They send medical supplies to under privileged countries and we just think that’s a really cool thing that they do.

Fit 4 A Cure

Ananya Handa, Alopi Shah, Puja Teakulapalli and Zara Bahrainwala are juniors and all engaged in various sports teams and physical activities. The four Mustangs quickly paired their new passion with their existing one.

Ananya: What we’ve been seeing on the news about how like people are like ‘oh, I don’t have the motivation to get up out of bed and work out’ or some people are like, ‘oh, I’m going to get fit over quarantine.’ So we tried to help people with that in any way possible while promoting. So health and fitness go hand in hand.

Fitness Classes

The once-a-month Zoom dance and fitness classes are free but Fit 4 A Cure does encourage donations. So far, the group has raised over a thousand dollars and now has their sights set on two thousand. After registering more than 40 participants, the group is ready to expand.

Zara: We’re starting a thing called Card 4 A Cure, where people can come on and make some cards to go along with the boxes that get shipped out.

Fit 4 A Cure is already responsible for funding 50 shipped containers of medical supplies and looks to continue moving bodies and supplies for those in need.

More Information

For more on the group – you can visit them on Instagram or their website.

For Naperville News 17, I’m Kevin Jackman