Flu Cases See Sharp Increase

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A higher number of patients than usual are requiring hospitalization for the flu this year.

Edward Hospital has had 80 people admitted with confirmed cases of the flu over the last two weeks – more than the typical high of 35 cases a week during the height of an average flu season.

Seasonal flu activity has increased sharply statewide in recent weeks, according to the Northern Illinois Public Health Consortium.

Edward Hospital doctors say while it takes a few weeks to become completely effective, it’s not too late to get vaccinated. And you should continue to follow easy steps to avoid getting sick or spreading the virus to others.

“Common sense things: wash your hands, try to avoid close contact with people who are obviously sick. If you yourself are sick, you should avoid contact, possibly wear a mask,” said Dr. Jonathan Pinsky, Medical Director of Infection Control.

 The CDC recommends that everyone six months and older get vaccinated against the flu.

Naperville News 17’s Beth Bria reports.