Former Public Works Building Set For Tear Down

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A former office for Naperville’s Public Works Department is set for demolition to accommodate a new parking lot.

The building located at 414 E. Fourth Avenue has been used for city and Naperville Park District storage since the Public Works Department moved to 180 Fort Hill Drive in 2009.

The building was also used for training for the Naperville Police Department, which will move to a new home if the building is torn down.

Three Options

City staff determined three options for the poorly-maintained building.

The city could spend $675,000 for major repairs and then $30,000 annually for upkeep.

They could spend $32,000 and then $30,000 annually for minimal maintenance so that part of the building would remain usable.

Or, they could spend $495,000 to tear down the building and pave a new 250-space parking lot for commuters. The city estimates they could generate $131,000 in annual revenue from the lot.

Recommendation Coming

City staff is expected to recommend option three to Naperville City Council, who will have the final say in what happens to the building.

If the project stays on schedule, the lot could be ready for use by the end of October.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.