Foster Hosts Health Care Discussion in Naperville

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Congressman Bill Foster recently hosted a community-wide discussion on health care.

Hundreds of constituents packed into a meeting room of the Community Christian Church here in Naperville, to hear from Congressman Foster, and his panel, who were discussing impacts of the Affordable Care Act.

Experts in the medical field shared how their businesses had to adjust practices once the ACA went into effect, and individuals spoke about how the ACA provided them with coverage they previously were unable to receive.

The group also discussed the potential repeal of the ACA, and what may go in its place – something important to Congressman Foster.

“I think everyone should step back and have a look at the fact that we’re all in this together, and no one knows in the end how their life will end financially or medically. And that there is a role for the government to guarantee that if things don’t go well that you’ll at least be getting a basic level of health care that allows you to live a dignified life,” said Congressman Foster.

After the panel discussion, community members were invited to ask questions and provide feedback to the panel. Congressman Foster will now take their opinions back to Washington to help him in further health care decision-making.

Reporting for Naperville News 17, I’m Evan Summers.