Fox Valley Mall Opens Center Park

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With the snap of the scissors and drop of balloons, Center Park at the Fox Valley Mall was opened to the public.

Major Investment

Mall officials are hoping the $6 million project will revitalize an open space in the mall.

“This Center Park project we’ve transformed about 14,000 square feet of what was a big open, kind of bland center court into an indoor park – a community gathering space that will just naturally encourage shoppers to spend more time here,” said Scott Samson, senior general manager at the mall.

Plans for the Park

Samson said there are even plans to host yoga, painting, and other classes in the park. However, it also serves as a great spot to take a break between stores.

And there’s more to come! Phase two of Center Park will include the addition of a tree house that will give shoppers another fun way to enjoy the mall during their visit.

Continuing Development at Fox Valley Mall

Phase two of Center Park will be built over the next few years.

The Fox Valley Mall first opened up in 1975 and mall officials hope the recent renovation will help keep it thriving for another 40 years.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.