Fox Valley Mall Ready to Reopen

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Fox Valley Mall reopened its doors on Wednesday, with some new guidelines in place. The mall will operate on a reduced schedule for the first 30 days to allow extra time for cleaning and disinfection, and will maintain a 50% occupancy. Each individual store or restaurant within the mall will determine its own reopening schedule.

Dividers at entrances and exits will help direct traffic flow, and shoppers will be encouraged to wear masks, follow social distancing rules, and wash or disinfect their hands frequently. High contact amenities like drinking fountains will remain closed, with other high-touch surfaces being disinfected at regular intervals throughout the day. There will even be a UV light beneath the escalators to disinfect 99.9% of germs from the escalator handrails

“Our priority is you, our shopper and our retailer and making sure everyone feels comfortable coming back here. And we understand if they don’t. But please rest assured we are doing everything above and beyond the CDC state and local regulations to make sure we provide a safe, comfortable environment,” Fox Valley General Manager Scott Samson announced this week. “We’re reopening but not without changes. These changes are made in an effort make sure our customers are comfortable coming here.”

Food court tables will be removed, with food court restaurants packaging orders in to-go containers. The mall has also announced the addition of Pandora, now open, and the newly relocated comedy club, The Comedy Shrine, coming in July.

Originally scheduled to open Monday morning, two days of rumored protests in the area pushed the opening to Wednesday. Fox Valley Mall reopened with operating hours from 11am-7pm.

For complete details, go to the Fox Valley Mall website.

Naperville News 17’s Justin Cornwell and Aysha Ashley Househ report.


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