Fox Valley Mall’s Drawn Out Development

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The Fox Valley Mall is hinting at some upcoming redevelopment through colorful wall art.

The Artwork

Over the summer, commissioned artists painted four murals both inside and outside of the shopping center.

“Well Fox Valley has a major development on the horizon,” said Senior General Manager Scott Samson. “And we wanted, prior to announcing when and what is going to happen, we wanted to start communicating the spirit of where this development is going to go. Shopping centers can no longer be the way they were 10 or 20 years ago. Although we’re sitting in a 1975-era structure, what we’re going to develop is going to be completely different.”

Message to Community

Samson says that means focusing on community. The mall plans to add more artwork like these murals and other experiential features.

“We’ve always thought ‘wouldn’t it be great to actually have a park inside the mall?’ And we’re fortunate to have a huge center court that we’ll be transforming into what we’re calling Center Park,” he added. “Which will be a large green space, games, whimsical sculptures, and it’ll be anchored by an actual two-story tree house platform.”

It’s one of the many projects currently in development, while the colorful art preps the community for what’s to come.

And you can let the Fox Valley Mall know what you think of the murals on social media using the #foxvalleyart.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.