Free Lunches in Naperville

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The Alive Center in Naperville has partnered with the Northern Illinois Food Bank and the USDA to provide free lunches this summer.

Any child in junior high or high school can stop by the center, located on 5th Avenue behind Naperville North High School, from noon to two p.m. on weekdays to grab a lunch.

“We know that if a kid is hungry, they’re not going to be able to concentrate, they’re going to be in a bad mood, and so this is a way that we can offer that physical nourishment so that they can find that emotional and mental nourishment here as well,” said Teen Program Director at the Alive Center, Jared Mason.

Meals are supplied to the Alive Center free of charge each day by the food bank and feature fruits, veggies, protein and milk.

The Alive Center has free drop-in hours for teens weekdays from noon to four p.m.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.