Freedom Exhibit at Naper Settlement

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The word freedom has meant many things over our nation’s history. And a new traveling exhibit at Naper Settlement explores the many meanings of the word by examining critical figures and events surrounding freedom from our nation’s founding until 1968.

Featured in the exhibit are documents, letters and speeches from social movements seen throughout American history, like abolitionism, women’s suffrage, and civil rights for African Americans.

“As the American experiment continues, freedom is still evolving over time and we think it’s great to provide people with a context for how the idea has changed in our history,” said Jennifer Bridge, Curator of Exhibits and Interpretations at Naper Settlement.

Materials from Naper Settlement’s own collection, like documents surrounding the open housing movement are also on display.

Even a pair of shoes worn by a North Central College student who participated in the Selma March were borrowed from the North Central College archives to be on display.

The exhibit will run until March 12th.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.