Preventing Frostbite

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Temperatures are plummeting and the medical professionals at the Edward Hospital are asking people to take precautions, as being out for too long in the coming sub-zero wind chills can lead to hypothermia and frostbite.

“These temps you can get frostbite in 5-10 minutes of uncovered skin outside so you want to make sure if you have to go outside that you’re definitely bundled up,” said Dr. Peter Schubel, Emergency Room Physician.

Keep an eye out for red or white skin, numbness, or a stinging and burning sensation as it may be a warning sign for frostbite.

“The finger tips toes the nose the ears are the most we worry about the most. So you mostly want to stay out of the weather as much as possible,” said Dr. Schubel.

If you do see these warning sings, gradually warm up and avoid hot water as it can burn the skin.

With wind chills expected to be from 30 to 50 degrees below zero until Thursday afternoon, Dr. Schubel recommends, just staying indoors.

But if you do have to be outside…

“Be out at short periods times as you. Stay dry, stay well bundled, a lot of layers. Things like with your boots, you want to make sure you don’t have too many layers on because you don’t want to sacrifice blood flow. So well fitting clothes, stay hydrated,” said Dr. Schubel.

Temperatures are anticipated to rise later in the week, but until then, be prepared, stay warm, and don’t forget to check on those who may need extra help.

Naperville News 17, Antonia Acuna reports.