Funding for Seniors’ Meals on Wheels Program is Behind

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Around 3,000 seniors in DuPage and Kane counties rely on the DuPage Senior Citizen’s Council to get their meals.

Meals on Wheels Funding Behind

But the not-for-profit’s Meals on Wheels program has taken a hard hit since funding is five months behind.

“We are still delivering, but we are hanging on for dear life because of the cash flow,” said Marylin Krolak, executive director at DuPage Senior Citizens Council.

Funding from the federal and state government is delayed. This has caused deliveries to around 175 DuPage County seniors to be put on hold.

Community Support

But starting this week, the organization will be able to roll out the meals once again thanks to community support.

“That’s only because people have heard our cry and have been able to send some dollars in support,” said Krolak.

Help Still Needed

Though meals aren’t on hold anymore for now and they do expect funding to come in at some point, Krolak said help from the community is still a need.

“This program goes out to the frailest of the frail,” said Krolak. “These are people, 99% of whom are below the poverty level and probably 60% are living alone and they don’t have family.”

According to Krolak, the need for the Meals on Wheels program has gone up 40% since the start of the pandemic.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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