Game On! Episode Seven Gets Spooky

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From a monster mash to mummy wraps, Team Chills took on Team Thrills for episode seven of Game On! – The Halloween One.

Team Thrills, was captained Josh McBroom who was joined by Marcie Schatz, Jeff Gross, and Julie Cunningham.

Their challenger was Team Chills who included Mike Havala, Celeste Wagner, Matt Moser, and captain Kelly Meyer Douglas.

All had a fun time embracing the Halloween spirit and dressing up for the show.

“We were trying to think of something along the thrill line,” said Marcie Schatz. “So we went back to Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ and thought of the zombies coming out of the ground. So you do that to start with it and then I got my kids involved who were very excited about putting spiders and cockroaches all over me.”

“So our team was the Addams Family, so I am Gomez the father, which fits because I was the oldest person on our team,” explained Mike Havala. “But [we had a] great team. The Halloween theme was awesome, very easy to do costumes for that.”

With all the ghoulish fun on stage, 95.9 The River’s Danielle Tufano said hosting behind the podium gets better every show.

“This is the seventh episode and every time I say to myself, ‘how are you going to top the last one?’ and this one did a spectacular job because we get everybody out of their comfort zone to begin with by putting them in costumes and both the teams did such a great job,” added Tufano.

Game On! Is a fundraiser that helps support NCTV17. And if you couldn’t attend the live show you can join the cast and crew for the watch party and find out who won at Aurelio’s Pizza in Springbrook Square on Monday, October 29 at 7 p.m.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.