Gender and Climate Change Discussion

gender and climate change
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Gender inequality and climate change are two hot button issues that, on first glance, seem to be unrelated. A North Central College professor disagrees.

Dr. Erin Bergren, a visiting professor of environmental studies at NCC, recently presented to the American Association of University Women Naperville.

She asserted that because women are a marginalized group both in America and around the globe, they are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

“This is not because climate change sneaks up on people differently because of social status,” said Bergren. “It’s because your vulnerability is determined by whether you’re already marginalized in society.”

For example, people with less money or education are less able to adapt to global warming. Globally, women aren’t as likely to be as wealthy or educated as men.

“Because of their income, because of their education, because of the way that they are socially networked, this changes their ability to withstand environmental hazards,” said Bergren.”

The presentation ended with a question and answer session.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.