Ghoulish guide to Naperville’s spookiest Halloween displays

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With Halloween just one day away, the spooky season is in full swing. Many Naperville homeowners have decked out their houses accordingly, with ghouls, ghosts, and goblins of all sorts adorning many a yard. NCTV17 headed out to get an eerie eyeful of the images filling neighborhoods around town…but there’s also a handy-dandy map to help guide you to the best haunts in town.

Map of area Halloween displays

The Believe House Halloween map

The Believe House Halloween display map, courtesy The Believe House. (see link within story for full interactive map)

The Believe House in Naperville has put together a map of some of the best spooky scenes in and around Naperville. It’s a helpful guide if you’re looking for a top spot to trick or treat, or just take in some of the area’s scariest scenes.

Each Halloween display is noted with a pumpkin on the map, which features 90 different homes. Clicking the “pumpkin pinpoint” takes you to a page with the home’s address, photo, and brief description, so you can get a spooky preview of what’s in store.

The decorative displays include musical dancing lights, giant skeletons, an entire house projection, a haunted arcade, and even a giant Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man.

The Believe House holiday maps

The Believe House first became known for its own Christmas-time displays at 630 Vicksburg Ct. It features a giant, lit-up “Believe” sign, along with a large number of store-bought and handmade decorations.

The homeowners love to spread holiday cheer, so they decided to create a website showing a full map of all the homes decorated for the Christmas season. They’ve since expanded the idea to include Halloween-decorated displays as well, in a separate map.

Chilly forecast for trick-or-treaters

Three ghosts in Naperville yardThe map could come in handy tomorrow as well for those trick-or-treaters who’d like to call it an early night and take in some of the spooky sights from the warmth of a car. The forecast for Naperville-area trick-or-treaters currently calls for some chilly temperatures, with a high of just 36 degrees.

Some forecast models show a chance for light snow showers around midday into the afternoon, and wind gusts Tuesday afternoon as high as 45 miles per hour for some areas. Forecasters say wind chills could drop down into the mid-20s.

Keep an eye on the NCTV17 weather webpage for your most up-to-date Halloween forecast.

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