Girl Scouts Bring Christmas Cheer to Seniors

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Three knocks on each door, followed by the call “Girl scouts!”

It was a knock that came to the door of every resident at Martin Avenue Apartments, as troops of girl scouts brought Christmas cheer and gifts as part of the “Adopt a Grandparent” event.

It’s a relatively new Christmas tradition started by Naperville resident and NCTV17 board member Wendy Hayum-Gross, who puts the gift bags together with her friends in early December.

“And it’s funny, the first years us mature ladies gave them out and we decided early on we weren’t that exciting when we knocked on people’s doors, we’re just a bunch of middle-aged ladies,” said Hayum-Gross. “So I got together with friends who had some girl scout troops and asked if their girl scouts would do deliveries because they are way cuter.”

The bags have all sorts of goodies, drawings, candy, warm socks, personal care products, and a stuffed animal for everyone.

But it’s up to the girl scouts to deliver them with a smile and a song.

“It was fun and I like going and singing to people,” said Ava, a junior girl scout.

“I like singing carols with my friends,” said brownie scout Charlotte.

“I like being kind and helping others,” said brownie scout Mara.

It’s something the seniors of Martin Avenue can look forward to every holiday season.

“It’s a blessing to see those smiling faces, it just brings joy to my heart,” said senior Sue Gray.

This was the fourth year of the adopt a grandparent program.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.