GO Event Aims to Combine Inspiration and Activity

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There is a new event in town.

Inspiration and Activity

“The GO event is an extension of an event I had every year called Refuel,” said organizer of the GO event Joe Chura. “But this is an event where you recombine inspiration with activity.”

GO combined physical activity like the 5K run and yoga, while also giving participants a chance to listen to speakers for some words of wisdom. One speaker at the event was Olympic Gold Medalist in wrestling Jordan Burroughs.

“Just continue to put the work in,” said Burroughs. “Not quitting really simply equates to this. The longer you’re willing to work for what it is you’re pursuing, the better chance you give yourself to actually catch it.”

Motivating People

Motivating people was one reason why Chura decided to bring GO to the community.

“The theme of the event is learn, inspire, grow. And that is exactly what I want people to take away,” said Chura. “Everyone has an opportunity to grow, everyone has an opportunity to learn. And just from being here is taking a step toward action and action creates a motion.”

Chura hopes to make GO an annual event.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.