Goat Yoga Brings Moms and Daughters Together

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What’s better than regular yoga? Goat yoga! This class put on by Strong Selfie gave moms and daughters the chance to connect, meditate and make some new goat friends.

“As moms we are like, ‘okay what would we want to do with our girlfriends?’ It’s the same things we’d want to do with our daughters. I want to go to goat yoga with my friends and have a blast. Why wouldn’t I want to do that with my daughter?” said Kristen Hutchinson and Stephanie Szewczyk, owners of Strong Selfie.

Getting the chance to have quality time can be a stretch, which prompted Kristen and Stephanie to find a fun way to bring moms and daughters together with cute, furry guests running around.

While the group jumped right into work on their yoga poses, goats wandered around them, climbing on backs and being photo-ready for all the selfies – allowing these women to focus on their breathing and their laughter.

“We saw that it was coming here to Naperville and we definitely had to give it a go,” said Melissa Garlough.

“I liked when the goats came over and jumped on your back,” added Lorelai Garlough.

This event goes along with Strong Selfie’s mission to empower girls to feel strong at a young age. They do that with events like this and their subscription boxes filled with gifts.

Some of the poses incorporated the pairs to make them feel empowered together, and the goats even tried some poses of their own.

Goat yoga is definitely not a ‘b-a-a-a-a-d’ way to reduce some stress.

Naperville News 17’s Madeleine O’Connell reports.