Group Stands in Support for the Post Office

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Support for the Post Office

A group of around 30 gathered at the post office at 5 S Washington St. in Naperville this morning to show their support for the post office.

“I organized today’s event with, it’s a national day of action to support the post office, postal workers, and postal customers,” said co-leader of Indivisible Naperville, Nancy Turner.

Nationwide Changes

“What’s going on in the country is that the new Postmaster General, his name is Louis DeJoy, has instituted really strict and overreaching changes in the postal service. Mailboxes have been removed across the country, mail sorting machines have been removed,” said Turner. “He did say last week that he was going to suspend all of the changes that he’s made but I don’t know that we can trust him to do that.”

The Group’s Message

“The message is we’re asking everyone to support the post office and free and fair elections. With the strong likelihood of a good portion of the vote this year in November being cast via mail because of the pandemic, we see this as an attempt at voter suppression,” said Turner. “I think the secondary message would be about Postmaster DeJoy, that somebody else ought to be in charge.”

House of Representatives Vote

“The post office is an essential institution that Americans rely on and trust,” said Turner. “The House of Representatives is back in Washington today, they’re going to vote on a package to help save the post office.”

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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