Growing an Edible Garden

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Naperville has a new edible fruit garden.

48 perennial plants were recently put into place into what’s called a fruit tree guild at the Ron Ory Community Garden Plots, with a little help from Girl Scout Troop 50046 and additional volunteers.

“It was kind of cool to plant it and think like, I’ll come back later and see it’s all grown and get fruit from it,” said Rachel Meikle, a girl scout in Troop 50046.

A guild is a specific arrangement of plants, meant to support a central element, like a fruit tree, in order to maximize harvest and use of space.

With offerings like asparagus, chives, and strawberries, the garden was planted in partnership with the Naperville Park District, the City of Naperville, and The Resiliency Institute for their Growing Food Security Program.

That program is designed to offer another option for feeding people that increases self-reliance and decreases use of hunger relief organizations.

The edible fruit garden will also serve as a demonstration of sustainable landscaping.

You can also check out the second edible fruit garden that was planted at the Naperville Municipal Center.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.