Guidepost Montessori One Step Closer To Opening In Downtown Naperville

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A new early childcare school may soon be coming to Downtown Naperville after Guidepost Montessori won the approval of Planning and Zoning Commissioners last night.

Reason For The Approval

The project was approved thanks to an earlier decision by the Planning and Zoning commissioners which would allow daycare centers, preschools, and primary schools to be located in the downtown area with a conditional use.

“I think this continues to show progress of our zoning to be responsive to the types of business needs that we have in our downtown,” said Planning and Zoning Chairman Bruce Hanson. “I think it’s critical for us to do for all parts of our city to maintain commerce and vibrancy.”

More About The School

Guidepost Montessori plans on building off the success their other school in south Naperville has had. The new school would be located on the corner of Washington Street and Franklin Avenue.

The school plans on renovating the exterior and interior of the building, as it has sat vacant for some time.

According to Guidepost Montessori’s website, they offer services for infants to middle school aged children. They’ve been operating their south Naperville school since 2019.

Going Forward

There was no date given on when the new school would open, but commissioners were excited to have a potential new business in downtown Naperville.

“The more traffic that we can get downtown the better for the entire city for all residents,” said Hanson.

The matter will now go to city council.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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