Half of DuPage County Voters Have Cast Ballots

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Half of DuPage County Voters Cast Ballots

According to a DuPage County press release, half of the county’s voters have cast ballots for the 2020 general election. By 10:15 a.m. on November 1, there was a total of 171,539 early voting site voters and 156,271 mail voters. The total number is 327,810, surpassing 50% turnout.

“In terms of ballots cast, we’ve already hit the three-quarter mark of 2016 record final turnout – 434,050 – less than two days from Election Day,” said DuPage County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek in the press release. “Nationwide, high voter turnout has been predicted for months. It appears that so far the numbers in DuPage are fulfilling that prediction, despite the ongoing pandemic. At this rate, even light turnout on November 3 would break the record. I believe we’ll make it, especially with the highest number of registered voters going into a general election.”

Mail In Ballots

Over 39,000 mail ballots of 212,816 requested remain to be sent in. The county clerk asks residents to return their ballots.

“Your voice will not be heard if you leave that ballot on the kitchen counter,” said Kaczmarek.

Voters can return mail ballots to drop boxes at the south parking lot and main entrance of the Jack T. Knuepfer administration building in Wheaton or at drop boxes at any DuPage County early voting location. They can also be dropped off at an Election Day polling place.

According to the press release, DuPage County is entering the 2020 General Election with 648,764 registered voters. Nearly 50,000 voters have registered within the past year.

Will County also shared their numbers. A total of 125,052 mail in ballots were requested. 97,201, or around 77% of them have been returned.

Early Voting

Early voting sites will still be open on November 2.

A list of open early voting sites can be found here.

Voter Turnout in Previous Years

The county shared numbers of voter turnout from previous general election years:

2016   Turnout – 70.6%    Ballots Cast – 434,050   Registered Voters – 614,752

2012   Turnout – 71.4%    Ballots Cast – 400,601   Registered Voters – 560,718

2008   Turnout – 76.3%    Ballots Cast – 420,397   Registered Voters – 551,280

2004   Turnout – 76.1%    Ballots Cast – 404,117   Registered Voters – 530,732

2000   Turnout – 76.5%    Ballots Cast – 369,300   Registered Voters – 482,789