Halloween Trolley Lights Tour

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Halloween Trolley Lights Tour

If you hear a trolley “ding” in front of Aurelio’s Pizza, that means the Halloween tour is about to begin.

The Halloween Trolley Lights Tour takes participants around to eight of the best decorated homes in Naperville for a chance to do something fun for the spooky season.

“Halloween is growing every year, people are into it. It’s a fun welcome into the fall season and I just think the world loves to party and have fun. We’re on the south side and it’s a lot of fun and ghoulish,” said organizer Annette Wehrli.

Getting Into the Halloween Spirit

Participants were surrounded by all things Halloween – from the holiday music during the ride, to the homes they got to step out and see.

The tour runs until the end of the month and it’s great for all ages.

But you may not want to get too close, you never know who might pop up.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.