Health Update: COVID-19 Cases Are Up In DuPage County

Health Update: COVID-19 Cases Are Up In DuPage County
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At today’s DuPage County Board Meeting, Karen Ayala, the executive director of the county’s health department, gave a health update on COVID-19.

The health update presentation focused on COVID-19 statistics, how DCHD is working with the community and local businesses, and information on testing and contact tracing.

Local Statistics

As of 8 a.m. on August 24, DuPage County has reported nearly 14,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 531 deaths. Ayala noted there’s been a steady increase of cases per day since July 4, from 52.9 cases per day over a seven day rolling average to now at just over 100 cases.

“We’re seeing a concerning 248% increase in the number of cases that are being confirmed over the past eight weeks,” said Ayala.

Ayala said there’s also been an increase of hospitalizations for COVID-19 patients in DuPage County, including Edward Hospital in Naperville.

A new feature on the DuPage County’s COVID-19 Dashboard allows users to filter to see COVID-19 activity in their community. The DuPage County section of Naperville currently shows a total of 914 confirmed cases and 39 deaths.

DCHD Working With Communities

On April 4, DCHD created a Business and Education Response Strike Team to help educate and provide guidance for municipalities, schools, and businesses on how they should operate. To date they’ve helped out 470 businesses, and are getting 10-15 inquires a day.

Businesses, or community members planning on hosting events, are asked to email for guidelines on best practices to ensure all guests are safe.

Testing Site

June 16 was the first day DuPage County began its testing site at the County Complex. The presentation showed 13,996 COVID-19 tests have been performed there to date, with a 2.41% average positivity rate.

Over 1,000 Naperville residents were among those tested The county will be switching to a Monday-Friday operation beginning next week.

Ayala also gave advice to community members on when and where they should wear masks.

“Everyone should wear a mask in a public setting, and around people who don’t live in your household,” said Ayala. “Masks should not be placed on young children under the age of two, or anyone that has trouble breathing.”

To watch the full presentation you can visit the DuPage County website.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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