Henry Winkler introduces his new memoir to Naperville

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“You don’t know what you can accomplish until you just listen to your instinct to do what it is you’ve always dreamt of doing. I am no different than you. I swear to you, some of you are even taller,” said Henry Winkler. 

It was a sold-out night at North Central College’s Pfeiffer Hall on Friday, November 3, when Anderson’s Bookshop gave more than 1,000 fans the chance to meet Emmy Award-winning actor and best-selling author Henry Winkler.

“We’ve had Henry several times before, he did an event with us during COVID. We did some virtual things with him. So he’s a good friend of Anderson’s, and we love to have him back whenever he can come. So when he reached out and said, I’d love to come to Anderson’s for “Being Henry,” we jumped at the chance,” said Lorie Barber, education director at Anderson’s Bookshop.  

About Winkler and his new book 

Winkler, who shot to fame in the role of The Fonz in “Happy Days,” enjoying a long acting career since, has been writing children’s books for years. But this time around, he’s veered into nonfiction, with his memoir, “Being Henry: The Fonz…and Beyond.”

In it, he reflects on his childhood, his struggles with dyslexia, and his path to fame and longevity in Hollywood.

Fans note Winkler’s energy, enthusiasm, and charm

All in attendance received a copy of the book and got the chance to take a photo with Winkler. The fans had nothing but good things to say about their experience.

“I want to have the energy like he does at his age. He was jumping everywhere. Barely sat down. I loved every moment of it,” said Julie Meurer, an event attendee.    

“He couldn’t be more charming. I want him to be my grandpa. Like, I just want to hang out with him. He is incredible,” said Jeff Meurer, an event attendee. 

Many were inspired by Winkler’s story.

“He’s just, you know, also an inspirational that was what was really cool that came across too, was he was like, if I can do it, you can do it. It’s never too late. I’m doing new things at an older age and it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and one foot in front of the other,” said Jennifer Stenberg, an event attendee.

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