Hesed House Moves Operations

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Hesed House Moves Operations

The state of Illinois leased out a hotel for Hesed House after two coronavirus cases were confirmed there last week.

Around 200 residents will be making the transition from the Aurora-based shelter to the hotel in Schaumburg today. The name of the hotel has not been disclosed.

“The Illinois Department of Public Health had told me, probably on Thursday, that if we don’t get everyone offsite we should assume that every single person here will get it,” said Hesed House executive director Ryan Dowd. “So moving off to this hotel is literally going to save lives.”

Safety Precautions

So far about five additional COVID-19 tests came back negative. They are still waiting for a few more results. Those residents are quarantined off site with the help of the Kane County sheriff.

The shelter is aware of the necessary precautions they need to take with such a large group of people, and have gotten some help to do that.

“One of our donors actually gave us a machine that can take people’s temperature from 15 feet away using thermal imaging,” said Dowd. “And so you literally have people walk past it and it takes their temperature.”

Community Support

Hesed House appreciates all the community support.

While the state will be providing meals, they still need snacks like pudding, granola bars, and potato chips. You can drop off the non-perishable, single- serving donations to Hesed House and they will stop by to pick them up once a day.

Hesed House Not Shut Down

Hesed House has not shut down and will continue to run operations from their new location.

The plan is to stay at the hotel for two weeks and extend that time as needed.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.