Highlands Heroes Raise Over $20,000 for St. Baldrick’s

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The Highland Heroes:

An elementary school in Naperville helped raise over $20,000 for Naperville Public Safety’s15th annual St. Baldrick’s event. Led by their school librarian, Tony Kresl, Highlands Heroes were recognized at the fundraiser for raising the most money by a team.

The head-shaving fundraiser is meant to raise money and awareness for kids with cancer.

This year holds special meaning for the Heroes, as one of Highland’s own was diagnosed last year with a stage 2 Wilms tumor. Jaxon Kernkamp, a first grader, is thankfully in remission.

More than 15 students from Highlands went bald as a sign of solidarity for Jaxon.

What got the Heroes involved:

Kresl said a former student got him involved with St. Baldrick’s.

“One of the 3rd graders, six years ago, came to me and said ‘Hey I’m doing this, would you be interested in doing it to?’ it kind of took off from their. We started that year with like four or five kids, and then its gone on and on and on, doing some really great things”

Kresl said a former student got him involved with St. Baldrick’s

“I did it for Baldrick’s: one I thought it was fun, and two I felt bad for the kids who have cancer,” said Keegan, team member of Highlands Heroes.

“Well, I did this for kids with cancer and if I didn’t, there’d probably be lots of kids with cancer who you know…” added Bruce, another member of Highlands Heroes.

Kresl was moved by the students’ support for Jaxon.

“They don’t realize all the time what they’re doing and how inspirational they are,” said Kresl.

St. Baldricks event:

This year’s St. Baldrick’s event raised over $50,000, and honored Kernkamp and other local kids with cancer. Naperville Police Deputy Chief, Kathy Anderson, the co-coordinator of the event, had a special message for those kids.

“I want you guys to know as members of the community we are here to support you. Members of public safety are here with you. We’ve fought that fight, and we’ll be here with you again,” said Anderson.

How  you can help:

The public safety group still needs help reaching their goal. If you’d like to help donate visit St. Baldricks.org.

Naperville News 17’s, Christian Canizal reports.

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