Hobson Oak Seedlings Ready to be Planted

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Four-year-old Hobson Oak seedlings are ready to be planted this year and are available for purchase.

Original Hobson Oak tree

Hobson Oak History

The Hobson Oak was DuPage County’s oldest bur oak at around 250 years of age. The tree was located near Hobson and Greene Roads. In 2016, it was taken down for safety reasons. That year, the last of its acorns were germinated by the Morton Arboretum and Possibility Place Nursery.

Preserving Its Legacy

Since then, DuPage County and the Naperville Outdoor Alliance (formerly Naperville Parks Foundation) have been working together to preserve its legacy with the Hobson Oak project. Purchasing seedlings and planting them is a part of that.

“Planting a seedling with deep cultural resonance is an act of commemoration and affirmation,” said Naperville Outdoor Alliance director Mary Lou Wehrli in a press release. “And, an oak tree is exceptionally good at supporting multiple layers of our local ecology.”

Seedling instructions, planting instructions, and seedling purchasing information can be found here.

About Naperville Outdoor Alliance

The Naperville Outdoor Alliance is a non-for profit whose aim is to make outdoor recreation more abundant and accessible to the community by working together with public organizations, private entities, other nonprofits, and community members.

photo courtesy: Naperville Outdoor Alliance


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