Hobson School Open and Outdoors

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Nature-based Hobson School is spending even more time outdoors than usual.

“One of our greatest joys”

“Seeing them back at the school, returning to play, it’s one of our greatest joys,” said Director Beth Wilson.

It’s just one step the preschool has taken to be able to open their doors during COVID-19.

“We are really excited that the Hobson teachers are experts in nature education so it felt like a really natural fit, and the safest choice to have them outside 100% of the time,” said Mary Sue Reese who sits on Hobson School’s Parent Advisory Board.

Other Precautions

They also split their classes in half, frequently wash hands at the outdoor sinks, and require masks to be worn, except for snack time.

“Even before COVID there was a whole lot of hand washing going on, so I knew that the school would be very thorough and committed to the policy. So I think it’s going really, really well,” said Reese.

Hobson School has been open less than two full weeks, and there haven’t been any major issues. But Wilson said the school is ready to be flexible if they need to change plans.

A Community Effort

“This has been such a community effort from our membership and really all of us pulling together to make this year happen,” said Wilson. “It’s certainly something that takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication and flexibility and a cooperative spirit. We have all of that here at Hobson and I’m just really grateful for that.”

Here’s hoping it’s all downhill from here at Hobson.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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