Hoppy Easter comes to Naperville’s Safety Town

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The Naperville Junior Woman’s Club partnered with Naperville Safety Town and hopped into action for an early Easter celebration Hoppy Easter.

Early Easter 

“We are celebrating the annual fundraiser referred to as Hoppy Easter, which is a great opportunity for us to engage with the little ones in our communities and bring families together. Not only do we have a costumed bunny rabbit for photos, but we also have live rabbits outside and all of the kiddos get to touch them,” said Jackie White, the chair of Hoppy Easter. 

Twenty sponsors were on display, mostly giving out candy to kids. With their help, the Naperville Junior Woman’s Club can keep traditions like Hoppy Easter going. 

“A lot of our great community partners, that’s how an event like this exists, by their sponsorship and by the fact that we have all of these folks bringing candy and bringing toys and fun things for the kiddos. That’s how we’re able to create an event that keeps the lights on here at Safety Town,” said White. 

Happy and Hoppy

The kids enjoyed hopping down the bunny trail and receiving goody bags of Easter treats.

“This has been such a fun event for kids ten and under. It’s just a fun event for kids to come and have a great time and get pictures with the Easter Bunny and they all love the live bunnies,” said Naperville Junior Woman’s Club President Anne Dever.

“We are hoping that it can keep growing as it has and have more people participate and just keep this fun, wonderful event going,” said Dever. 

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