“How People Make Things” at DCM Inspired by Mr. Rogers

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“How People Make Things”

Inspired by Mr. Rogers’ factory tours, the DuPage Children’s Museum is helping kids explore the world of making. “How People Make Things” is the name of the newest exhibit at the museum.

“The making movement is a big thing right now all around the world so we really wanted children to understand that everyone has creativity. Sometimes it materializes in different ways but everyone can be creative,” said DCM Director of Exhibits and Operations Kimberly Stull.

Kids can smash pennies using different presses, wind their own springs, pour wax into molds to make shapes, and even build the trolley from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Connecting Children to Making

“Just being a part of a children’s museum, you just can’t help but love Mr. Rogers,” said Stull. “Everything that he’s taught us about kindness and empathy and caring… that’s all done around teaching children so much and these factory tours were such a way to connect children to creativity and making.”

The exhibit will be set up through September 6 to give everyone the chance to come and learn about making.

A creative outlet for curious kids.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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