How Wearable Technology Can Help Solve Some World Issues

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Wearable Technology.

Imagine having spider senses, or never worrying about where your kids are. And maybe even connecting with someone without saying a word.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore; rather you just have to wear it. At hub88’s tech talk they hosted three different companies showing off those wearable technologies.

Each panelist had the opportunity to further explain what their wearable technology can do.

The Wearable Technology Displayed at The Tech Talk

Victor Mateevitsi’s SpiderSense, is haptic suit allows people who are visually impaired to feel their surroundings.

“So what that means is that as you’re wearing spider sense there are sensors that detect objects around you,” Mateevitsi explained. “And then they vibrate to notify you about people, walls, or obstacles around you.”

Jiobit, a wearable tracking device for children and pets, was created after the inventors’ child went missing.

“My colleague, our founder, had actually lost his son at Maggie Daley Park; he found him, he’s fine. But, it was 30 minutes of just total panic. And if you have kids you’ve had the moment where you just turn away for a second and your child is gone,” said Lindsay Slutzky, Jiobit’s chief marketing officer.

And the last wearable technology was Proxfinity, which connects people at social gatherings based off of common interests.

“And when they get close to other participants that either have a similar or complimentary interests, the two badges of the shared participants wearing this badge will simultaneously illuminate. And they see their initials on one another,” said CEO Lisa Carrel.

What’s Next for The Wearable Technology Companies?

Proxfinity, and the other companies, are still working on final models, so that tomorrow’s problems can be solved by today’s wearable technology.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.

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