Hub88 Panel Talks Autonomous Vehicles

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Autonomous vehicles, 5G networks, and blockchain technology were just some of the topics discussed at Hub88’s most recent tech talk titled “The Future of the Smart City.”

The not-for-profit invited a panel of authorities in mobility and connectivity to discuss how technology is advancing and the problems that come with that. Krystian Gebis of Autobon AI, Shobhit Jain of HERE Technologies, and Jochen Renz of New Mobility Consulting made up the trio of experts.

“Ultimately it will become a system of systems,” said Renz. “This internet of things that we all hear about is going to come to a reality where everything is interconnected. And it’s not just us humans but the machines will start talking directly to other machines. And what that then creates is an issue of trust and, ‘is this data the real deal or is this data manipulated?’ ”

“These vehicles are now able to report data from various different roadway conditions, accidents as they happen, or what the state of the vehicle itself is for telematics or dispatching purposes,” said Gebis.

Jerry Quandt, executive director of the Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association, acted as moderator for the discussion and then took questions from the audience.

He also talked about Illinois’ and even Naperville’s role in the race for autonomous vehicles.

“We’re in what we call the fourth industrial revolution. And the fourth industrial revolution is the combination of the physical world, the digital world, and the biometric world,” said Quandt. “And the confluence of all of those is what’s happening now. And so that again is one of the really exciting components is that we’ve got a center of excellence in the country for that right here outside of Chicago in Naperville.”

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Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.