Humans of Naperville

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Inspired by Humans of New York, a local group believes Naperville is perfect to follow suit with its own version of the Humans of Naperville.

Naperville is full of all kinds of people with gifts and talents that the Alive Media Group wants to show for everyone to see, thus forming the Humans of Naperville six months ago. The teen driven program takes on the challenge of showcases two citizens each week to share their story as part of the Humans of Naperville initiative.

“When we do Humans of Naperville we have two guys who go out and find people that we ask, and say we are affiliated with the Alive Center and we say ‘can we do a short interview about anything you like?’ That can be either religion or their jobs, what they’ve experienced through life, and that gives anyone looking at the post an idea of what else it out there,” explained AMG Head at the Alive Center, Rajeer Sokey.

“One they did this past week was a Jewish lady who talked about her religion and it was beautiful reading about her passion about her religion because she converted,” said Executive Director of the Alive Center, Kandice Henning. “It’s just great to hear from all different kinds of people, all different kinds of opinion, and valuing diversity.”

The goal is to show a very unique perspective on Naperville citizens and learning valuable life lessons from their stories.

If you want to get involved with Humans of Naperville or the Alive Media Group visit

Naperville News 17’s Ryan Risky reports.