ICN Hosts Muslims Around the World Event

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Muslims Around the World

Pakistan was one of many countries showcased at the Islamic Center of Naperville’s student-run Muslims Around the World event.

“It’s an opportunity for our students to research about other countries around the world and specifically research the Muslims and how Islam is celebrated in those countries,” said ICN academic coach Alzena Saleem.

This has been a part of the school’s curriculum and open to the public for three years.

“It shows how ICN is welcoming everyone in and how it’s not just Muslims or the ICN community is a family, everyone in this world is our family,” said sophomore Aaalya Masud. “And we’re more than happy to have them come into our mosque and view our mosque and learn about the cultures of different Muslims around the world.”

Stopping By Muslim Countries

Participants picked up their passports to start their travels before making a stop at each table where they learned all about the food, clothing culture, and everything else that makes up each individual country.

Other places like Morocco, Syria, and even Russia had their own tables.

“The most popular food was the chocolate-covered wafers and their was some other stuff but my mind was on the chocolate covered wafers. I even ate some,” said fourth grader, Sammy.

Learning About Islam

Saleem hopes that through this presentation, the public walks away with a better understanding of the Islamic culture.

“Many times when I speak to friends and neighbors, they feel like Islam is just in India like where my family is from,” said Saleem. “But this is nice because it’s an opportunity to showcase that no, Muslims are in all continents and many different countries.”

ICN plans to host Muslims Around the World again next year.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.