ICN Hosts Outdoor Market for Small Businesses

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Outdoor Market

The Islamic Center of Naperville hosted an outdoor market, or Community Souq, yesterday at the ICN parking lot.

“This is actually the first time ever we’re doing a Community Souq. Basically there are a lot of small businesses in our community, in the general Naperville community, surrounding areas at large. So we wanted to highlight those small businesses, especially those that were affected by the pandemic,” said co-organizer of the Community Souq, Adil Khadri. “So in order to do that we decided to have a community farmers market sort of thing where small businesses, people who are selling stuff from home, local restaurants that were affected by the pandemic have the opportunity to showcase their goods whether that’s artisan goods, food to the community.”

Highlighting Small Businesses

24 local and small businesses were able to showcase their items including food, jewelry, soap, and more. The event was also meant to support refugees.

“We want to support refugees. So they come here they don’t have a lot of economic basis so they wanted to start their own businesses, there are some refugee catering companies that are here getting their name out in the community so that our community can help support them, build themselves here in this country as well,” said Khadri.

Khadri said they hope to make the Community Souq a recurring event.

“I think there’s something special about small businesses, community businesses that everyone should support,” said Khadri. “We want small businesses to have access to the community where they have consistent support.”

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.