ICN Revisions to Their 248th Plans Not Enough For Some

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The Islamic Center of Naperville was hopeful the revisions made to their proposed plan on 248th Avenue would alleviate some concerns raised by community members.

ICN Revisions to Proposed Project

At last night’s Naperville’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, ICN’s attorney said they intend to add a crossing guard at the Tall Grass Greenway Trail crosswalk during the peak Friday afternoon service.

“This would substantially increase the safety of this crosswalk area, pending the City and park district addressing it at the time of the roadway improvement,” said ICN’s Attorney Len Monson.

The new plan would also relocate 53 parking spaces off of the south property line and expand the buffer between those neighbors.

ICN Proposed Plan

ICN’s proposed plan calls for its 13.36-acre site to include a mosque, school, multi-purpose hall, gymnasium, and an expansion on the mosque over a five phase, 40-year span.

However Monson said that timeline is based off funding, and in theory could be built in three years.

Since the project was first presented at a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting earlier this year in January, most of the public comments have been in opposition of ICN’s plan, with the biggest concerns being the size of the project and the uptick in traffic it could create.

Opposition For The Project

Those concerns remained consistent at last night’s meeting.

“Using police or deputy sheriffs to direct traffic isn’t a solution for the 900 parking spaces resulting in traffic jam,” said Naperville resident and former city councilman Kenn Miller. “But rather admitting that a development of this size needs a major road for appropriate access, such as Route 59 or 75th Street.”

Miller was referring to ICN saying it would have traffic control personnel navigate traffic at the 248th location during peak Friday hours, and the road currently being two lanes.

City staff said preliminary engineering plans to widen 248th Ave. to four lanes have begun, but the project needs funding from the federal government before construction can begin in 2023 or 2024.

Support For The Project

There was a group presentation by community members in support of ICN’s plans, saying it would benefit the area’s property values and promote community involvement and volunteerism. They said traffic wouldn’t be a concern based off of ICN’s track record and timings of events.

Going Forward

To date about 140 of the 531 signed up public speakers have voiced their support or opposition, meaning the project will likely be in limbo for the next couple of months.

Public comment on the matter will continue on May 5.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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