ICN Youth Make Deliveries to Seniors

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The Islamic Center of Naperville’s youth and other local young professionals have teamed up to make deliveries to seniors during the coronavirus pandemic.

Helping Seniors

Young professionals Azam Mohammed and Ahmed Syed and ICN educational director and sheikh Omar Hedroug have been spearheading the initiative. The group of 25 volunteers is delivering groceries and medication to seniors, free of charge, who cannot or are trying to avoid leaving their homes during this time.

“It’s amazing to see their concern for the elderly and their understanding about the need to step up and help and the commitment these youth have toward the community they live in,” said ICN member Shafeek Abooubaker.

Where are They Helping?

They are offering their services in Naperville and Aurora, but they could start helping other nearby cities too.  Their efforts have also inspired other mosques in Glendale Heights, Oak Brook, and more to start up their own groups.

Mohammed and Syed set up a hotline where people can call for help and they would find members of the Islamic Center of Naperville to make deliveries to seniors within two to three hours.

That number you can call or text is (773) 234-6627.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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