ICN’s Fifth Annual Muslims Around the World

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Muslims Around the World

“The event today is Muslims Around the World. It is our fifth annual event which is wonderful. We’re happy to be back in person after a year of being virtual,” said Alzena Saleem, principal of Al Falah Academy, which is part of the Islamic Center of Naperville. “It’s a cultural showcase. And it’s put on by our students. They do the research and they create the trifolds, all different grade levels from pre-K through seventh.

“And our Al Falah families as well as our ICN community families, they support the showcase with their culinary contributions and the artifacts. So everyone is super excited to show off where they’re from and their culture so it becomes an enjoyable and amazing event for everyone.

Learning About Diversity

“Five years ago this started off as an event for our students, mainly to showcase for them the differences between their peers. We’re all Muslim, but it was an opportunity for them to say hey, we do have diversity amongst ourselves. So now it’s an opportunity not just for our students and our Al Falah community, as well as the Naperville community as a whole.”

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.