IHSA Announces Badminton Moves Seasons; Contact Days Established

IHSA spring championships
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In a regularly scheduled IHSA Board of Directors meeting, the governing body made multiple announcements, including moving the girls’ badminton season, establishing parameters for contact days and restating the IHSA’s plan following the lifting of Tier 3 mitigations.

Girls Badminton on the Move

Because of the low-risk nature of badminton, the IHSA has determined it can be safely conducted during the winter season. Badminton typically runs during the spring sports season.

“The feedback that we have heard from our schools is that this is an optimal time to conduct badminton as they look at balancing sports and facilities throughout the remainder of the school year,” said IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson.

Contact Days

The Board of Directors also approved contact days for out-of-season sports. Once Governor J.B. Pritzker’s and IDPH’s Tier 3 mitigations are lifted contact days will be allowed to resume. They will be limited to six hours a week per student-athletes

“The Board felt that it was important for the physical and mental health of our student-athletes to resume contacts days for all out-of-season sports as soon IDPH deems it safe,” said Anderson. “Winter sports are not included, as we anticipate all low-risk winter sports will be able to begin their seasons at the same time. Basketball remains the outlier in the equation. We hope to be able to conduct basketball during the winter season, but if we cannot, basketball will be provided the same contact day opportunity as we determine where the basketball seasons fits best in the remainder of the school year.”

Resumption of the IHSA 2020-2021 Sports Calendar

Planning to meet with representatives from the IDPH and Governor’s Office prior to the new year, the Board of Directors hopes to emerge from the meeting with a finalized schedule for the remainder of the year. The IHSA will conduct a special meeting to announce how it will be moving forward with the winter, spring and summer seasons.

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Kevin Jackman reports for Naperville News 17.