Illinois Bar Exam Postponed To September

illinois bar exam postponed
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The Illinois bar exam has been postponed until September.

Exam Will Now Be Sept. 9-10

The Illinois Supreme Court announced they will be moving the bar exam originally set for July 28-29 to September 9-10, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a press release from the Illinois Supreme Court, Chief Justice Anne M. Burke says, “This decision was made after careful consideration of the health and safety issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Court would like to thank the Board, the law school deans and other stakeholders for their helpful input.”

There are currently nearly 1,900 students who had signed up for the July exam. The Illinois bar exam must be passed in order to practice law in our state.

Applications/Fees Transferred

Applications and fees already paid by those who’ve signed up will automatically be transferred to the new testing dates.

The deadline for registration for the Illinois bar exam has now been extended to June 15.

Relaxed Rules for Test Administration

The court has also put in an order for relaxed rules for the administration of the test if needed to accommodate public health guidelines, and keep participants and administrators of the test safe.

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