Illumination Brings Light to Nature

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Fifty acres of trees, two pathways, and countless lights. The Morton Arboretum’s Illumination offers a unique and interactive experience.

This year’s display offers multiple new exhibits, including Woodland Wonder: an immersive experience that envelopes visitors in ethereal music and thousands of pinpoints of light.

“The second new feature is called Crown of Light,” said Morton Arboretum Public Relations Specialist Patti MacMillan. “It is the work of an art collective out of the bay area called HYBYCOZO. It is five sculptures about nine to 12 feet in height and on each of them is laser-cut patterns of different tree leaves. We have oak leaves, ginkgo, and birch.”

Light is projected through those laser-cut etchings to create eye-catching shadows and beams of light in the sky.

And as always, the hands-on effects are some of the most popular parts of the display.

“There’s really neat interactive effects and so if you want to hug a tree and watch it change color or paint a tree with different colors, there are dials that you can use to do that and kids really love that element,” said MacMillan.

And for those who have never been to Illumination, MacMillan has an important piece of advice:

“Dress for the weather. It is entirely outdoors, you are walking the path. So we just want to make sure you are enjoying your experience to the fullest by wearing a nice warm winter coat, a hat, boots, gloves, the works.”

Illumination will remain up until January 1.

Plenty of new elements to shine a light on nature.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.