In-Depth Testing on Moser Tower

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With workers on Moser Tower, the carillon bells it houses will not be ringing.

In-depth testing is being performed on the structure of the tower, measuring the strength of its concrete and taking samples to test in a lab.

“They’re looking what could be causing the deterioration of the tower, figuring out what the solutions are, coming up with a cost estimate, and how long they’ll last based on those repairs,” said Bill Novack, director of transportation, engineering, and design for the City of Naperville.

A structural examination was done in 2015 that revealed the tower’s need for up to $3.8 million in repairs.

Compared to that report, these tests are meant find the structure’s specific problems.

“If you took your car to mechanic and they said, ‘oh it won’t start,’” said Novack. “Now it’s like, well why won’t it start, is it the starter, the battery, stuff like that.”

The report is expected in July, and should explain why the 17-year-old tower has suffered more corrosion than expected – which will help predict how long repairs will last.

“Will it last 25, 50, 75 years? At that point we can make a more informed decision on what the cost per year is and have a better idea of what exactly to do,” said Novack.

After reviewing the report and discussing the issue, the Riverwalk Commission will make a recommendation on what to do with the tower. Possible actions include repairing it, maintaining it until it needs to be decommissioned, or tearing it down as soon as possible.

That recommendation should come in September.

After the Riverwalk Commission makes their recommendation, City Council will have the final say.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.