India Day Celebrations in Naperville

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India Day Celebrations

Color and cultural performances filled Hillside Road at Knoch Park on Sunday for the fifth annual India Day Celebrations.

“I would say the parade is the part that I love the most because it allows us to display a bunch of different states, their ethnicities, different organizations come out. The floats are beautifully decorated, people spend a lot of time doing that,” said Viral Shah, treasurer of Indian Community Outreach.

The parade was just part of the all-day event, hosted by Indian Community Outreach.

Event Activities

Whether it was starting a dance party, munching on traditional food, or making their way through shopping stalls, the celebration brought in both first-timers and repeat visitors.

“We came with kids and friends. Had a great time, enjoyed the very lively atmosphere and wanted to see it again,” said attendee Heman Varandani.

Bringing the Community Together

For ICO, this is a way to bring old and new generations together.

“At this point, they need to also keep their Indian heritage and Indian culture alive in their hearts and at least this way they’re able to see what it is to be Indian,” said Shah.

“Being connected to your culture is a foundation to your identity and I think that’s important for me and my family and my 3-year-old. I don’t want to lose that identity,” said attendee Namrita Raina.

Celebrating 72 years of India’s independence as a united community.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.