Infrastructure, Sustainability Initiatives and New Positions Part of City of Naperville’s 2022 Budget Proposal

City of Naperville's Budget
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The city of Naperville’s proposed budget for 2022 includes funding to pay for a number of services, programs and projects, including infrastructure, sustainability initiatives and new positions.

The 2022 budget that is under consideration is balanced at $540.49 million, and that figure represents a 7% increase over the prior year’s budget which amounted to $502.42 million.


The city is looking to invest in its infrastructure as part of the budget process at a time when key infrastructure built during high growth periods has reached its lifespans. Officials are looking ahead to enhance services to residents and future needs.

Potential projects include:

  • North Aurora Road reconstruction,
  • North Aurora Road underpass expansion
  • Washington Street bridge construction
  • Downtown streetscape

Capital improvement projects are among the top expenses driving the year-over-year increase in the city’s budget proposal. Nearly 20% percent of the general fund is earmarked for infrastructure and utilities.

Sustainability Initiatives

The city made sustainability a high priority in this year’s budget across all departments.

From vehicle replacements and city-owned building upgrades, to transportation infrastructure, there are a number of initiatives the city is pursuing in regards to sustainability. It is also proposed as part of the budget that $445,000 will be allocated to Renewable Energy Fund grants to help Naperville’s electricity utility users pay for improvements such as solar panel installations and energy efficiency upgrades.

New Positions

The city also is weighing several new positions as part of the 2022 budget spanning several departments, including those in communications, public works, sustainability and information technology.

The topic became contentious during the budget workshop when some officials questioned the departmental requests.

It remains unclear how many of the new proposed positions would be created until the final budget is voted on by the city council. An earlier version of the budget included a new assistant city manager position, but City Manager Doug Krieger said it has been removed from the discussion.

The third and final budget workshop is expected to take place Nov. 22.

The 2022 budget will be considered by the city council in December.

Naperville News 17’s Megann Horstead reports.

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