Jefferson Junior High Musical Cast Dress Up for the Red Carpet

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Cast Premiere

Jefferson Junior High School decked out a red carpet for the cast premiere of The Mystery of Custodia, the school’s spring musical.

“Of course this year has been kind of nutty and finally the kids are back in school and we’re excited. But even before that happened we had to decide how to do our spring musical. Of course we couldn’t do anything live and so we chose to look into some of the online options and this one kind of popped up,” said Matt Colbert, music teacher at Jefferson and the director of The Mystery of Custodia.

“I thought how fun would it be to do a cast premiere? And what turned in from a cast premiere I thought well let’s really do it up. Let’s do a red carpet event,” said Colbert. “Their parents will bring them up in what I think is a ‘limo’ and come and get to do some interviews.”

Red Carpet

Students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade who were in the virtual musical came all dressed up and ready for the red carpet.

“It was a bit different because we had a lot of Zoom meetings and I haven’t done musicals over Zoom but it was pretty fun and enjoyable to have a new experience,” said Kyl who is in eighth grade.

“I was really excited because it’s so cool, it’s almost like you’re famous,” said seventh grader Allison.

“I’m excited for the pizza because I never get Hawaiian pizza. And I’m excited to watch it,” said Gracie who is in seventh grade. “I’m excited to watch it too,” said sixth grader Elle.

“It makes me feel so good. It’s so nice of them and I’m so happy,” said eighth grader, Dylan.

“It makes me feel special and that they care about us this much and I just love knowing they’re here supporting us no matter what,” said eighth grader Lauren.

“I really like this red carpet because it makes us even with these tough times experience this even without the full experience,” said Hugo who is in eighth grade.

Two casts performed the virtual musical. Both versions can be found on YouTube.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.