Jeopardy James Returns For $1 Million Primetime Playoff

Jeopardy James Returns
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Naperville native James Holzhauer will return to Jeopardy! again – this time in a multi-night, primetime event on ABC.

His Opponents:

Jeopardy James will face fellow Jeopardy! legends Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter for a $1 million prize and the title of “Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time.”

The Format:

The series will air on ABC starting January 7 at 7 p.m. CT. Players will face off in two consecutive games. Score totals will tally, and whoever has the highest combined score wins that day’s match. The show will continue to air until one player has won three matches.

Record Winners:

Jennings holds the record for most earnings during regular play at $2.52 million, and holds the longest winning streak at 72 games.

Rutter appeared on the show when runs were limited to 5-days – his being undefeated. But he would return for multiple tournaments to earn the title of most winnings from the show, at $4.68 million. That tally also makes him the biggest overall winner on an American game show.

Holzhauer made his name on the show this year with an impressive strategy that had him racking up huge totals on a consistent basis. He fell just short of Jennings’ winning record during his 32-game run, earning $2.46 million. He returned last week for the Tournament of Champions and won another $250,000 as the top player. He also holds the record for the top 15 highest single-day winnings on the show.