Josh Stumpenhorst Newest Book Drawn To Teach

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Josh Stumpenhorst’s new book “Drawn To Teach” shows readers the wide spectrum of scenarios that occur in a classroom from fart noises to bullying.

“They’re things that we experience and they’re so outlandish and I wanted to bring that into it so that any teacher looks at it and goes ‘this is real. It’s not some expert who doesn’t teach, it makes sense to me, and my classroom today’,” said Stumpenhorst.

What Inspired Drawn To Teach?

Stumpenhorst was inspired by another graphic novel to write his own.

“I read Dan Pink. He wrote a book called ‘The Adventures of Johnny Bunko’, it’s a graphic novel for business people,” said Stumpenhorst. “And I thought this is kind of unique. I love graphic novels and my sons love graphic novels and I thought ‘I don’t think anyone has done that before for teachers.’ ”

What’s the Book About?

Each chapter is divided into two sections: an issue that may occur in a classroom and ideas on how to resolve it. But the Illinois Teacher of the Year says each scenario and solution is case by case.

“One community is different from the next. Kids at Lincoln are different from kids at Washington. And so, it’s all about knowing your kids the best of your ability as a teacher and getting them what they need,” said Stumpenhorst.

Stumpenhort paid homage to people that affected his educational career throughout his book.

“All these characters are people, so like this guy teaches at Lincoln with me. She’s the teacher of the year with me from Minnesota this is a former student of mine who was just an inspiring kid, that I’ve turned into an older lady,” said Stumpenhorst, showing pages of his book.

The goal of “Drawn To Teach” is to help build and strengthen relationships between teachers and students.

“Sometimes we lose sight that it’s about the kids,” said Stumpenhorst. At the end of the day that’s all that matters and that what we have to remember all the time.”

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal, and Ryan Skyrd report.

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