Kendall Elementary School Principal Plans to Retire

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Every morning for the last 13 years, Lena Guerrieri has walked through these doors en route to the start of her day. Guerrieri, the principal at Kendall Elementary, will soon have to find a new routine as she’ll retire after this year.

“People will say ‘have you started counting down yet?’ I don’t really even know right now how many more weeks of school are left,” Guerrieri jokingly said. “I’ll know when I come to school and no one is here. When the kids and teachers are gone, I’ll have figured it all out.”

Kendall Elementary’s Lena Guerrieri Career

After spending over 30 years in various educational roles in District 204, Guerrieri says it’s the right time for her to move on and hopes she’ll get to spend more time with her family in retirement.

But she’ll miss the little things, like giving out birthday pencils to staff and students, and walking around school and interacting with teachers and kids.

What Guerrieri Will Miss About Kendall Elementary

“Walking around school is my favorite part of the day. Going into classrooms, and I wish I could always do it more everyday. I have goals to get in the classrooms more, but something would pull me away from that opportunity,” said Guerrieri. “But, the classrooms and the teachers that are put in front of kids, the LMC where I’m seeing joy for learning. That’s the best part of everyday.”

Though she’s retiring, Principal Guerrieri isn’t ready to close the door on her educational career, saying she might consider something in the future.

But, for now, she’s ok with walking through Kendall’s doors a few more times and leading the elementary school until the end of the school year.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.

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