Kids Get Their Yards Into the Holiday Spirit

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Naperville is in the holiday spirit with houses lit up across town. But some families have gone above and beyond, with the help of their kids.

Believe House

630 Vicksburg Court, better known as the Believe House, features a series of themed vignettes around the yard.

“My mom tells my dad and I where to put stuff, so I help lift stuff, help my dad with all of that,” said 16-year-old Megan Knoth. “We put stuff where it goes and tie it down. My dad and I are the muscle of the team.”

But her favorite feature is the twin gingerbread men at the front porch.

“One Christmas year we painted them together so that’s my favorite memory of it all because we got to do it together and it’s a good memory,” she said.

Inflatable Figures

Nineteen-year-old David Olson has been the one in charge of setting up the Christmas decorations at 1170 Hobson Mill since he bought his first inflatable at eleven years old.

“It is an inflatable tractor with Santa on it and I still have it today, it is my favorite one and I’ll never get rid of it,” he said.

Since then, his collection has grown to 26 different inflatables. They fill up the yard the whole holiday season – then fill the house the rest of the year.

“My mom has made it very clear that she wants to reclaim our basement storage room,” he said. “Because I take up about 50% of it at least!”

Light Show

The Brambillas at 1254 Harvest Court have an impressive display of changing lights. But when you turn on the radio, you see the true magic of the show.

And in between songs, you’ll even hear the Brambilla children’s voices.

“I think it’s unique because we’re singing in the intro and I don’t think many people do that,” said 10-year-old Isaac Brambilla, who did the recordings alongside his brother Zach and sister Emily.

And there are plenty of other houses with impressive decorations all around town. The Believe House website has a map so you can find all the best displays to get you in the holiday spirit.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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