Kids Test Obstacle Course Track at DuPage Children’s Museum

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Test Track

The DuPage Children’s Museum held their first Test Track for kids on Saturday.

“Test Track is a big event all about obstacle courses and transportation,” said DCM’s guest experience senior manager, Cassie Coffey. “For this event we have different tracks like fast tracks and wacky tracks.”

Obstacle Course

The event also includes an obstacle course.

“There’s also a large obstacle course that the museum designed with big wooden obstacles for the kids to use their own transportation from home to ride over. And that kind of keeps it safe for everyone during this time,” said Coffey. “There’s definitely some obstacles that require a little bit of adult assistance, but it’s a great thing for toddlers that are able to ride a form of transportation, all the way up to a kid on a bike.”

Kids’ Input

“We also have opportunities for kids to decorate their bikes from home and then also draw with chalk in our chalk prototyping, chalk imagination area so they can come up with what they would like to see at the next obstacle course.”

The DuPage Children’s Museum’s annual Pumpkin Palooza will be held in the museum’s parking lot this year on October 24. They plan to use some of the kids’ chalk ideas to set up a seasonal obstacle course that day.

Welcoming Families Back

“It feels so good to have our families back at the museum, just having them outside. Knowing that we have some smiles even behind masks happening is just wonderful for us,” said Coffey. “It’s great to see families be able to interact with other families from a safe social distance and for kids to get something fun to do at the place that they love.”

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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